In Belgium, the university degree of plastic surgeon is obtained after following a six-year training program, 2 years general surgery and 4 years plastic surgery. The residents in our department rotate with the staff members every 6 months. They do consultations and perform surgery under supervision of the staff members. They also have to follow the classes organized by the Collegium Chirurgicum Plasticum and take part in oral and written examinations every year. In the last year, the final examination is taken covering all topics in plastic surgery; after a positive result, they graduate for the training program and become board qualified plastic surgeon as Fellow of the Collegium Chirurgicum Plasticum.

At the moment, the following residents are working in the department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery:

847.jpg img Dr. Bob Vermeulen
848.jpg img Dr. Philippe Houtmeyers
846.jpg img Dr. Carl Van Waes
844.jpg img Dr. Maarten Doornaert
1053.jpg img

Dr. Julie Dobbeleir