After discharge of the burn patient from the hospital, further monitoring at the outpatient clinic is very important. Sometimes the wounds have not healed completely. For all burns, after care with pressure therapy and / or splints is very important and often an essential part of treatment to achieve a good end result. Therefore a specialized consultation, where all the relevant specialists involved in this service are available is necessary.

The consultation will take place on Friday morning at the outpatient clinic (0 K 12 IC, see map) and is by appointment (tel. +32 (0)9 332 3278). After payment at the cash desk of the reception of K12, proceed to the reception of the outpatient clinic. You will be seen by doctors and specialists about the appropriate wound care, pressure garments, etc.

For wound care, apart from our regular nursing staff of the outpatient clinic, mr. Henk Hoeksema and mr. Jos Verbelen are available, both coordinator at the Burn Centre.

For the pressure suits and splint therapy there is a collaboration with the Centre for Technical Orthopaedics, represented by mr. Harry Saelens.

817.jpg img Mr. Henk Hoeksema
818.jpg img Mr. Jos Verbelen
819.jpg img Mr. Alexander Heyneman
820.jpg img Mr. Harry Saelens