Surgical procedures for foreign patients (no coverage by the Belgian mutuality)

If you are planning to undergo a medical treatment in the department of Plastic Surgery of the University Hospital Ghent and you have no health insurance in Belgium for medical expenses, your own health insurance company or National Health Service first has to give permission for having this treatment; otherwise the costs will not be covered.

Your treating physician will make a letter with the estimated cost. This is a detailed description with a guide price of the costs of the specific treatment. This includes e.g. the daily in-patient accommodation and services charge, price of the operation etc. This estimation is always a guide price; the real costs can vary, especially if there are post-operative complications or if the hospital stay is longer than expected.

This letter has to be sent to your insurance company; sometimes this is done by the Central Cashing Department of the hospital if your insurance company has a contract with our hospital for plastic surgery. Only with written consent, all the practical arrangements for your treatment can be made. If there is no written and you still want to proceed with the treatment, you have to pay all the costs yourself.

For further information, we would like to refer you to the Central Cashing Department (tel. +32 (0) 9 332 25 08 or to the secretary of the department of Plastic Surgery Ms. Tanja Van der Stricht tel. +32 (0) 9 332 60 35.