The department of Plastic Surgery of the University Hospital Ghent participates in the genderteam, a subspecialty of the Center for Sexuology and Gender Issues.
Persons with genderdysforia can consult this Center for counselling, diagnostic assessment and medical treatment. The team consists of 2 psychiatristists, 2 endocrinologists, a plastic surgeon, an urologist, a gynaecologist, an ear, nose and throat specialist, a speech therapist, and a dermatologist. Throughout the whole transition period, the patient is seen and followed by the psychiatrists, they also coordinate the medical treatment .
Gender reassignment surgery is performed by the Department of Plastic Surgery which has gained a lot of experience with this type of surgery during the years and also has an international reputation in this field.

The members of the genderteam can be found in the flyer, as well as their phone numbers. The Center can be reached by phone on the following number: +32 (0)9 332 60 23.

Mr. Jan Smeyers, coordinating nurse, is responsible for coordinating the surgical part of the medical treatment. For all your questions concerning the consultations and surgery you can contact him by mail: or by phone: +32 (0)9 332 5005.  You can also send a mail to the center: We would like to point out that the waiting lists for consultation and/or surgery can be long, as we have a lot of patients referred to and consulting our department.

Click here to download the flyer transsexualiteit