Adipose tissue is a versatile tissue that can be used to address several surgical challenges. It can be used to restore soft tissue defects (eg. breast reconstruction after previous mastectomy), to correct body contour deformities (eg. after previous surgery) as a filler to correct skin wrinkling, or as an adjunctive procedure to improve the quality of the skin. 

The surgical technique of lipofilling is currently very popular. The technique transfers fat tissue that has been obtained (harvested) by the well-known technique of liposuction. The fat tissue (in the subcutaneous fat depots) is processed through a process, called centrifugation. This concentrates all the cells within the fat tissue and discards the oily components which are not necessary. This concentrated fat is called lipo-aspirate and contains not only fat cells (also called adipocytes) but also a considerable cell population with stem-cell like characteristics.

The major advantage of the lipofilling technique is that the lipoaspirate is obtained through the liposuction procedure

Those stem-cell like cells could contribute to the generation of new cells at the injection site.