The department of Plastic Surgery organizes meetings of the LOK-group (local quality) Oost-Vlaanderen on a regular basis, Prof. Dr. S. Monstrey is responsible for the reports; the identification number of the LOK-group is 0987. Accreditation is requested, if you attend a meeting, you will receive a certificate of attendance. Coordinating secretary is Mrs. Cathy De Cock, she can be reached by phone on the number +32 (0)9 332 32 75.

The next meetings are scheduled for:

13 October 2010: Problem cases. If you wish to present a problem case, you are requested to contact Mrs. Cathy De Cock. Place and time: Polikliniek Plastische Heelkunde 0K12IC UZ Gent at 18.00 hr.

10 November 2010: Vacuumtherapy, sponsored by the firm KCI Medical. Place and time: vergaderlokaal/bibliotheek Plastische Heelkunde UZ Gent 2K12IC at 18.00 hr.

17 November 2010: Lymfedema, examination and treatment. Prof. Pierre Bourgeois, former president of the European Society of Lymphology of the Jules Bordet Institut in Brussels will give a lecture, Prof. Dr. K. Van Landuyt and Prof. Dr. M. Hamdi will lead a round table discussion. Place and time: Vergaderlokaal van de dienst Anesthesie UZ Gent 2K12IC at 18.00 hr.

8 December 2010: Lasertherapy. Dr. Bernard Cambier, plastic surgeon and Dr. Christine Dierickx, dermatologist lasercentre, will give a lecture. Place and time Vergaderlokaal van de dienst Anesthesie UZ Gent 2K12IC at 18.00 hr.