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Dr. Filip Stillaert

Dr Stillaert Filip studied medicine at the University of Leuven, Belgium. He completed his training in general surgery and graduated as a general surgeon in 2004. The last three years of his surgical training was focused on cardiovascular surgery. From September 2003 untill October 2004 he did a Fellowship in Microsurgery at the University of Melbourne, Australia, under the supervision of Professor Wayne Morrison. He combined this clinical training with a Fellowship in Microsurgical Research and Tissue Engineering at the Bernard O'Brien Institute of Microsurgery. During that time he commenced his PhD in Adipose Tissue Engineering. He is the first author of several clinical and scientific research articles regarding the use and manipulation of adipose tissue in a clinical setting.

In 2004 he started his Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive speciality training at the University Hospital Gent. In January 2009, he became a staff member at the department.

Dr Stillaert presented at several international and national conferences and meetings and is the author of numerous clinical and scientific papers. He will complete his PhD-thesis in Adipose Tissue Engineering under the supervision of Professor Blondeel.
His main interests are microsurgery, autologous tissue reconstruction, general aesthetic and lipofilling procedures. He is also consultant at the Sint Elisabeth Hospital in Zottegem, Belgium, where he coordinates the breast clinic together with the department of gynecology.